The Evolution of the Snake Bight & Laguna Madre Editions

These skiffs might just be our best models to date, lighter and faster with reduced weight coming in at 345 pounds before rigging depending on options. SB & LM Editions are even more advance then our other models but less expensive.

With 8 years of building the most advanced composite skiff in the industry we have learned a lot along the way in building processes, materials and the advancements in chemistry. So it was time to go back to the drawing board to come up with a price comparable edition to compete in the market with our patented hull design.

The most notable part of the redesign was to the deck, we went from 5 hatches to 3. This simplified the layout for infusion and reducing the amount of parts/hatches. We removed the cooler from our console and added a flange instead of the raised toe kick console that was very time consuming to build. We also went back to our engineer to rework our lamination schedule by reducing the horse power rating to a 90hp on our 12 degree hull and 70 on our 2 degree hull. We also removed our 30 gallon live well and added a small crab/shrimp well instead. We further reduced weight and parts by adding engineered structure in the laminate to eliminate the forward most bulkhead forward of the fuel tank and the aft knees that supported the back deck and closed out the port and starboard lockers.

Just like our Legacy and Performance models all major parts have structural carbon fiber included in the lamination, added more then our previous models due to the removal of the forward bulkhead and aft knees. We all have a layer of kevlar in the running surface to mitigate damage in a collision and reduce puncture. All main parts are cored and resin infused.

We now offer a carbon system that can reduce your weight by 50 pounds and adds the hi-tech look of real carbon with a clear coating. Carbon parts include transom, inside of hatches and console, drain box, live well, poling platform and rigging flanges.

With the advancements in materials and technology we are now matching the competition in price yet light years ahead in design and construction. With the base boat, motor and trailer package fully rigged with 50 HP Tohatsu starting at $53,500.