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Capt. John Kipp Islamorada 18 Legacy

Capt. John Kipp

Florida Keys • 305-393-0932 •

"I began poling skiffs in 1975. At that time the skiffs I had available were un-usable for the flats because they were based on hulls which were designed for applications completely antithetical to the concept of a shallow-drafting, quiet and easy to pole flats boat. It was by main force only that my anglers ever got any shots. The Islamorada 18 is at the other end of that spectrum. It has enhanced my ability to provide my anglers with a much greater percentage of high-quality opportunities at our target species. It has completely spoiled both me and my anglers by eliminating all the limitations previous boats had that resulted in so many fishless days."

Capt. Bob Branham Islamorada 18 Legacy

Capt. Bob Branham

Biscayne Bay, Florida Keys • 954-370-1999

"I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary with the Islamorada-18 and the 60hp honda - I could not be happier. There are no stress cracks, no wiring issues, and the painted surfaces clean up much easier than gel-coat. I admit that I am not the fastest skiff in the fleet in calm water- I can hit 42 mph by myself and 38 to 40 with a passenger. I usually cruise between 30 and 35 mph and get 10 miles per gal. while I'm at it. When it gets windy I go by the HB 17.8s, Biscaynes, and Super Skiffs with their 90's and stay completely dry I don't even have to clean my sunglasses." – Capt. Bob Branham

Capt. Larry Sydnor Islamorada 18 Performance Edition

Capt. Larry Sydnor

Capt. Larry Sydnor • Islamorada 18 • Islamorada • 305-853-0404 • 954-309-7691 • cell: 305-393-2993

Capt. Larry Sydnor is a United States Coast Guard Master Captain, an International Game Fish Association Certified Captain and an extremely popular flats and backcountry guide. His tournament wins include guide to Grand Champion Angler in the Florida Keys Outfitters IGFA Inshore World Championships; Guide to Top Angler in the Herman Lucerne Memorial Tournament, Guide to Celebrity Grand Champion in the Mercury Redbone Tournament and Top Guide in a recent AFLAC/NASCAR tournament. He is also excellent guiding junior anglers to tournament wins, often having placed at the top of the RedGhost Stalk. He is an active and respected member of the Florida Guides Association and the Florida Keys Fishing Guides Association. He has special accommodations to offer a continued launch after originating in Islamorada to go on into the far backcountry of The Everglades National Park for protected and greater secluded fishing and a true experience with nature even offering weekend and two-day or longer overnight camping trips. He is sponsored by the Mercury Marine Saltwater Pro Staff Team and is an avid fly angler/guide and is often called upon to give fly demonstrations and ties most of his own flies. You may have seen Capt. Larry on local Florida Keys television, or many cable fishing shows such as REEL ADVENTURES or even a national segment on NBC Worldwide News Tonight.

On the Islamorada 18: He has the latest in Chittum Skiffs, the Islamorada 18 for optimum flats and backcountry fishing and it is fast, stable and gets into the skinniest waters to target undisturbed fish.

Contact information is:

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Capt. Gregg Arnold Islamorada 18 Performance Edition

Capt. Gregg Arnold

Louisiana • 504-237-6742 •

Capt. Greg Poland Islamorada 18 Performance Edition

Capt. Greg Poland

Duck Key • 305-852-9940 •

Greg left the FBI for the South Florida Flats. His office is now the Florida Keys and the backcountry of Everglades National Park. Now, in the early morning, you’ll find Greg poling the quiet waters chasing rolling Tarpon or tailing Bonefish for some of the Best fly-fishing in the World. Greg is a native of South Florida and has guided many anglers to championships in some of the most prestigious flats fishing tournaments in the world. Whether on a mother ship adventure out of Walker’s Cay in the Bahamas, Marlin fishing in the Caribbean, or teaching at the Island Fly Fishing School in the Florida Keys, Greg is at home with the beginner as well as the tournament angler.

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Tim Hoover Islamorada 18 Performance Edition

Tim Hoover

Thane Morgan Islamorada 18 Performance Edition

Thane Morgan