The Islamorada 18's. No black sheep in this family.

Go-Devil. Willy Roberts. Shipoke. Challenger. Since the halcyon days of flats boat design, striking the perfect balance between stealth, draft, fishability and ride has been the achilles heel of virtually all modern-day skiff builders. Solve one problem, create seven others. So rather than innovate, skiff companies tend to replicate. And, once again, compromise and customer confusion win the day. At Chittum Skiffs, we believe that one flats boat can and should do the work of many. Which is why we are proud to offer the Islamorada 18 in three model configurations – all based on the most radical and proven hull design ever to hit the water.


Islamorada 18 Advantage Edition.

Rewriting the record book. Behold the skiff that's shaking up an entire industry. The Islamorada 18 Advantage Edition rides better, runs dryer, drafts less, is stealthier and poles more easily than skiffs costing considerably more. In fact, the only thing you give up with the Advantage Edition is having to part with more money


Islamorada 18 Performance Edition. The story begins.

The Performance Edition is the skiff that started it all. The middle child of the Chittum Skiff family, this remarkable skiff has received the same upbringing, accolades and attention to detail as the Legacy – with minor modifications designed to put it in the hands of more anglers.


To call the Islamorada 18 Legacy a family skiff wouldn't be far fetched. With its striking carbon fiber details and meticulous build quality, this enduring technical poling skiff deserves to be passed down throughout generations.